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Patrice Drago is a full-time artist and freelance writer with a lifetime of experience in the travel and hospitality industry. Growing up in hotels up and down the East Coast from Maine to Florida she used her artistic and journalism skills to create a unique and adventurous career with Marriott International. Moving to Annapolis in 2002, she began a slow transition to focus solely focus on producing, writing about and supporting art and the art community. Patrice is an Artist In Residence at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, and she exhibits and sells her work in Maryland, New York and Maine. She writes the monthly Gallery Column for the Annapolis Capital newspaper, is an officer on the Boards of Directors of MFA (Maryland Federation of Art), and the newly revitalized Annapolis Arts District. Contact Patrice at: www.patricedragofineart.com or www.patricedrago.com.

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Explore Annapolis’ Art Galleries in April

Aah, spring at last! My favorite time of year, when we get to see artistic beauty both indoors and out. The bright buds push up to breathe in warm, dewy air at such a rate it can feel like time-lapse photography. What’s in the galleries is equally as exciting and refreshing. With so much going […]

April 10, 2018

Unload with Annapolis Art this February

By the time we hit February, the tone is beginning to set for the remainder of winter, with the weather as the underscore and our schedules dictating the melody.  It is up to us to add the harmonizing elements to our daily lives. Luckily, we don’t have to go far to unload from the repetitious […]

February 13, 2018

Embrace Winter Art in Annapolis this January

I love that we get to experience four distinct seasons here in the Chesapeake region because we get to see things through a different lens with the change of every season.  The shorter days and colder temperatures of winter invite us to go inside, literally and metaphorically.  It is a time of hibernation to some […]

January 09, 2018

Art Shopping this Holiday Season

Old-fashioned holidays sometimes feel like a thing of the past, what with gift shopping promotions starting two months early and everyone shopping for online deals.  Cyber-shopping has reached an all-new and frenzied high… and can give us a lot of anxiety along the way! We are lucky in Annapolis, we have what many towns across […]

December 07, 2017

A Hidden Arts Gem in Northern Anne Arundel County: Chesapeake Arts Center

Do you like to go off the beaten path? Anne Arundel County is quite large, and rather spread out, encompassing urban areas, waterfront neighborhoods and everything in-between.  The Arts – by which I mean visual arts, poetry, performing arts such as plays, music and dance, art education and exploration, and every other form of physical […]

November 06, 2017

4 Must-See Annapolis Visual Arts Exhibits in November

Are you ready for the Annapolis visual arts scene this month?  There’s so much going on, it’s hard to know where to begin, but if you have time I’d fit as many in as you can. If you only have time for four or five, I have some recommendations in the “do not miss” category.  […]

November 03, 2017

Local Artist Charles Lawrance and FinArt

I love interviewing artists.  The story behind the artist is almost always multi-dimensional and adds another lens through which to see their work.  This was true of my discussion with Charles Lawrance. It was an easy conversation; he’s a soft-spoken, even-tempered guy.  His work stands alone of course, as all good artwork does, but I […]

June 02, 2017

Maryland Art Proudly Displayed in Legislative Offices

Maryland is a state that recognizes the value of art, demonstrated by the fact there are only two American states that provide more funding for art.  We love art! Nowhere is there a better evidence of this wide support of Maryland Art than at the Lowe House Office Building (6 Bladen Street) in Annapolis.  Across […]

March 17, 2017

Maryland Hall – Offering Well-Rounded and Innovative Experiences

If you live in our area, or are a frequent visitor, you are probably aware of the full spectrum of arts offered to the community. We are fortunate to have access and exposure to all types of high-level performances and education from several institutions and organizations. One of the most well-rounded of those is Maryland […]

January 23, 2017

Meet Jay Fleming, Annapolis-based Fine Art Wildlife Photographer

Photos, photos, everywhere!  We snap and post, like and share, have access to literally millions of stock photos to upload as screensavers or drop into newsletters all while being enticed with vivid eye-catching photos online and in social media designed to excite, entice and stimulate us to purchase, engage or get involved. I Googled “photographs […]

December 14, 2016