Meet the Locals: Gary Jobson

By: SymmetryAgency

It’s 9:00am on a rainy Wednesday morning in May, the sort of day that would find most men in their mid-sixties who’ve achieved greatness in several facets of their lives relaxing with a cup of coffee and the newspaper. Not Gary Jobson. He has just finished reviewing the introduction to his latest documentary film in-the-making, […]

April 01, 2015

Meet the Locals: Lisa Barge

By: SymmetryAgency

Many people associate Anne Arundel County with its multiple waterways. But, in fact, its long and proud history also includes a rich tradition of land-based agriculture. Even today, approximately one-third of the land in Anne Arundel County is zoned for rural agriculture, and over 350 farms operate on almost 30,000 acres of land. Perhaps no […]

March 28, 2015

Family, Love, and Cruising the Chesapeake

By: Ann Powell

Love is in the air this month, and for many of us, love often means family—along with all of the fun and togetherness that a family brings. Family togetherness is indeed what my own family of seven shares on our boat when we’re overnight cruising on the Chesapeake Bay. We’ve cruised to many anchorages and […]

February 10, 2015

Believing in Spring on the Chesapeake

By: Ann Powell

Winter on the Chesapeake is beautiful in a silvery blue-gray kind of way, but it most assuredly is not for cold weather wimps. When the cold wind blows across the Bay and ice forms along the shoreline, most Chesapeake boaters take a break. During the winter months, the local boatyards fill with vessels in need […]

January 13, 2015

Meet the Locals: Peter Chambliss

By: SymmetryAgency

In 1971, Peter Chambliss was a newly-minted college graduate looking to strike out on his own and realize his dream of living in Annapolis and owning a boat. So he bought a 34-foot sailboat at the first-ever Annapolis Boat Show. Chambliss put together this ‘kit boat’ himself. Then, for the next couple of years, with […]

April 10, 2014