Meet the Locals: Sally Boyett

By: SymmetryAgency

When Sally Boyett was a little girl growing up in a small town in Texas, she had big dreams. By the fifth grade, the classically trained ballerina was writing and directing her own plays in her garage. Neighborhood kids would knock on her front door and her mother would direct them to the garage, where […]

April 27, 2015

Meet the Locals: Dianna Cuatto

By: SymmetryAgency

Dianna Cuatto, Artistic Director of the Ballet Theater of Maryland (BTM), has forged a full and varied career in the performing arts. Born and raised in Utah, Dianna began taking dance classes at the tender age of 3, receiving exposure to tap, ballet, jazz, and modern dance. Strong-willed and determined, she begged her mother at […]

April 25, 2015

May Day Blooms in Annapolis

By: Ann Powell

There’s a change in the air in downtown Annapolis. At long last, March winds and April showers are giving way to sunshine, straw hats, and May flowers. Like a long-held secret bursting out, May Day is a beautiful phenomenon in our town, thanks to the traditions of the City’s garden clubs.

April 22, 2015

Meet the Locals: Donna de Garcia

By: SymmetryAgency

On a brisk, sunny day in downtown Annapolis, the water in the harbor seems to sparkle. So too does the beautiful jewelry in Blanca Flor, a shop that fronts the harbor. Light filters through the store’s tall ample windows, shining on the tastefully displayed silver jewelry and accessories. As customers ooh and ahh over the […]

April 20, 2015

Top of Spring and Summer To-Do List: Annapolis’ First Sunday Arts Festival

By: Lindsay Bolin Lowery

First Sunday Arts Festival is a Sunday afternoon stroll in Annapolis at its best. Dogs are out smiling with their two-legged friends, children enjoy the view from atop their parents’ shoulders, restaurant-goers overflow out into the street, and shoppers peruse authentic local goods from the town’s skilled artisans. Sometimes you can catch your favorite vendors a few months in a row or perhaps you’ll stumble upon one you’ve never seen before. The variety of offerings is ever-changing, making for a fresh experience each time you visit.

Meet the Locals: José-Luis Novo

By: SymmetryAgency

Annapolis is proud to be home to the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra (ASO). Now in its 53rd season, it continues to flourish as a dynamic artistic force within the region. Music director and conductor Maestro José-Luis Novo, now in his tenth season with the ASO, deserves much credit for the symphony’s growing success. Hailing from Spain, […]

April 10, 2015

Meet the Locals: Trevor & Tim White

By: SymmetryAgency

Trevor and Tim White grew up in Annapolis not too long ago. So it will be especially meaningful for them to return to their hometown to show their first feature-length movie, Jamesy Boy, a headliner at the second annual Annapolis Film Festival. Trevor, 28, directed and co-wrote the script; Tim, 31, produced the drama, based […]

March 25, 2015

In Annapolis, Art is for Sharing

By: Lindsay Bolin Lowery

A year ago, local artist Sally Wern Comport completely immersed herself in the beliefs, histories, and imagery of Martin Luther King, Jr., even attending the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. Why? She was researching King for the illustrations of her latest Simon & Schuster children’s picture book Love Will See You Through: Martin Luther King’s Six Guiding Beliefs (As Told by his Niece), written by Angela Farris Watkins, PhD.

March 05, 2015

Fine Art Celebrating the Old and the New

By: Patrice Drago

If you live in Maryland or have visited at some point, then you are aware of the magnificent diversity of the landscape, waterways, government, small industry and trade, and city life. Marylanders treasure and preserve the elements of historical significance that have created what exists today, while also embracing the new. Fine art plays a […]

January 30, 2015