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Sparrow: Annapolis’ Newest Designer Jewelry Store

As a former boutique manager, I’ve always dressed to impress. My “formula” for building an outfit starts with a base. Then I add multiple layers; killer shoes; and, of course, accessories like scarves and the perfect handbag. But to me, jewelry is the cherry on top. It adds that final touch to pull the outfit together and enhance the overall look. I’ve discovered a great new jewelry store in Annapolis where I head for that extra oomph to complete my look.

Marta Rotten

Baltimore-based designer Marta Rotten creates eclectic and gothic-style pewter jewelry.

While Annapolis is home to many jewelry stores, none is quite as unique as West Street’s newest addition, Sparrow (198 West Street), home to a carefully curated collection of exclusive designer jewelry by shop owner, Gabrielle Herbst. Herbst, known to many locals as one of Annapolis’ stylish restaurateurs of Tsunami Sushi Bar & Lounge and the highly anticipated Sailor’s Oyster Bar, has extended her entrepreneurship into jewelry curating and design. Inspired by her edgy and effortless style, her love of New York and California, and trending social media, Herbst has created a chic selection for all of her shoppers.

EF Collection, from Los Angeles, California

EF Collection, from Los Angeles, California, (a celebrity favorite) elegantly specializes in 14K gold, diamonds, and precious stones.

As with any small business in Annapolis, the shopping experience is memorable. When you enter Sparrow, the shop radiates with sunlight. The shops walls are painted white with a rustic wood floor to match and the vintage cabinets and jewelry cases are full of amazing necklaces, rings, and earrings. Herbst greets you immediately and the first thing you see…are her hands. Well, I do at least. Her hands are stacked with sparkles, metals, stones, and diamond rings effortlessly placed on her fingers. It is so eye-catching that it makes me want to have a new hand!

Gabrielle Herbst

Gabrielle Herbst

The cozy, bright boutique is stocked with amazing pieces from a handful of selected designers. The reason for the limited selection? Exclusivity. Herbst wants each of her customers to know that they will walk out with a truly unique piece. Herbst makes sure that when she does select her pieces, they are of a very limited quantity, hand-made in high-quality material, and ethically sourced. With the integrity she uses to source her collection, customers can be assured that the items they buy are one-of-a-kind.

Sparrow’s selection of designers comes from Maryland, New York, California, and other major cities. They range from emerging to designer brands. In fact, Annapolis’ own Karin Best of KAJS Jewelry designs custom jewelry exclusively for Sparrow. Best and Herbst also have a design collaboration in store with two collections: feather and lace. The feather collection consists of midi rings, suede chokers, and earrings with Sparrow’s own feather logo charm in metals; the lace collection includes stunning lace wrap rings in precious metals that can be personalized with stones.

B.C.E. Jewelry of Carmel Valley, California

B.C.E. Jewelry of Carmel Valley, California, crafts beautiful one-of-a-kind rings in a variety of gemstones.

Sparrow’s collection of jewelry is always fresh and evolving with new stock and designers. Pieces can be re-ordered by request if you miss out on something special. Also, if you have any diamonds or precious stones you are sitting on, you can customize them with Sparrow! Follow @shop_sparrowjewelry on Instagram for updates on new styles and be on the look out for their online shop opening soon.

For more, click here to visit Sparrow online, or stop by at 198 West Street in downtown Annapolis.


Photos courtesy of Darin Gilliam and Gabrielle Herbst.

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